Ayahuasca Alkaloids Grow New Neurons


The picture above visualises the generation of new neurons in stem cells treated with the most common alkaloids, harmine and tetrahydroharmine, from the Amazonian psychedelic, Ayahuasca.

These findings have just been released by the Beckley/Sant Pau Research Programme in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council. These intriguing results suggest that psychedelics could have a future role in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

I am extremely interested in the renewed research into the therapeutic uses of psychedelic drugs–after a long banishment resulting from a social panic around their recreational use in the 1960s–and I intend to write about developments in this blog.

Although prohibition makes research difficult and expensive, researchers are finally giving these extremely powerful psychoactive substances the attention that they deserve.


Author: singemonkey

A South African interested in public health, travel, making music, and photography

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