Wild Puppies Are Fun

Sorry these pics are a little large. I accidentally saved them at full jpeg quality)

Puppies! I’ve heard people like ’em. We were in the Kruger National Park, perhaps South Africa’s most magical place, when we came across a big pack of African Wild Dogs (Lycaon pictus). They were mostly puppies, with a few adults who ranged around them, sniffing for prey on either side of the road.


Then the puppies found a water bottle that some scumbag had tossed out of their car. The puppies investigated this new phenomenon.


And when they sniffed the strange object, it moved. And the puppies got a big fright.


They sniffed it again and…


And again…


At which point they’d had enough of this sorcerous object



Author: singemonkey

A South African interested in public health, travel, making music, and photography

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