Urbanisation in South Africa

I was messing around with SA metro populations. I found the top 100 and graphed them. It’s interesting to me how a country that is halfway through urbanisation looks. We have a handful of huge metros, comprising about 20% of the 55 million national population. But they rapidly taper off to small towns. In these top 100 cities, the median population is about 100,000 (red line). And together these 100 make up just shy of 50% of the population –which gives you an idea of how many South Africans live in villages and really small towns.

SA Cities

The biggest are Cape Town and Durban, by the way. Gauteng is really one urban sprawl, but contains 3 large metropoles: Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Soweto.


Author: singemonkey

A South African interested in public health, travel, making music, and photography

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